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Septic System Design

Private septic systems are required for residential, commercial and industrial buildings that are not connected to municipal or public waste water systems/treatment plants.

How does a septic system work?

The private systems function to receive and treat waste water (from toilets, showers, sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.) and return the treated effluent into the groundwater system. A conventional septic system is composed of a septic tank and a treatment field.

About our design services

Redline is qualified to offer professional septic system design services as a Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner.

When creating your design, it is a customized project based on the following:

  • occupancy needs (number of bedrooms)
  • soil conditions
  • property assessment
  • access availability to a well or public water supply

At Redline, we respect the value you place on your property and our goal for your property will be to have an efficient installation with as little disruption and inconvenience as possible.

About the design process

The first step in a septic design is to evaluate the landscape and test the soil conditions. This step is important to understand the type of system that can be installed based on the drainage available and the site limitations due to other structures and environmental factors. Peripheral structures on your property and the presence of creeks, streams or wells nearby will be taken into consideration with your design.

While evaluating the property Redline will ask more questions about the structure that is currently on the site or the planned structure that is being built. This helps determine the maximum load for the type of septic system will be recommended.

Our design for your property will meet or exceed all provincial regulations. Upon completion, a Record of Sewage System (RSS) will be filed with the local Health Authority before construction begins. The design will also show how the proposed septic system is integrated with your existing or planned landscaping and how it impacts the natural environment.

Once your system is designed, we will continue to work with you through the septic system installation process.