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Resources & FAQs

What is a ROWP?

A Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner (ROWP) is authorized to design and install septic systems with a stamp issued by the Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of British Columbia (ASTTBC).

The ASTTBC is the provincial registering body for Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioners (ROWPs).

To become a ROWP, and be issued a stamp by ASTTBC, individuals must:

  • Satisfy the minimum knowledge required by the Onsite Wastewater Registration Board
  • Provide sufficient proof of experience to the Onsite Wastewater Registration Board
  • Successfully complete the ASTTBC Professional Practice and Ethics exam
  • Provide references to validate the work experience claimed

Why do I need a pump system?

On May 31, 2005 new BC Sewerage System Regulations (SSR) came into effect and replaced former Sewage Disposal Regulations. The SSR is a performance based approach that treats the wastewater rather than only disposing wastewater.

This regulation preserves and protects the public health and the environment.

Septic system designs are defined by specific and measurable performance requirements that are specific to onsite soil characteristics and the needs of the residence.

Septic systems are now held to a higher standard and need more extensive design and site investigation. Septic systems are also required to be filed with the Health Authority by a qualified Authorized Person (AP) who designs and installs the systems. Authorized Person must adhere to the new BC Sewerage System regulations.

Due to these higher standards, you may need a septic pump system where one wasn’t required in the past.

What makes the system so expensive?

The current SSR requirements necessitate a more expensive system due to additional equipment, material and labour. The system will include pumps and tanks (septic tank and pump chamber) as well as additional material to construct sand mounds and longer installation time.

Industry Regulations

The BC Ministry of Health regulates the onsite wastewater industry.

Sewerage System Regulation (SSR)

BC Standard Practice Manual

Professional Associations

WCOWMA Onsite Wastewater Management Association Of BC