Septic System Inspection & Upgrade for Lynden Door in Yarrow

When Lynden Door needed specialized help with upgrading their septic system, Redline Excavating delivered a solution.


Redline Excavating provided specialized design and installation services for a door factory in Yarrow that was considering an expansion of their commercial operation. They required an upgraded septic system that would accommodate a significant increase in workplace personnel as well as conform to new septic standards. Redline provided Lynden Door with a thorough septic system inspection and prepared a comprehensive plan for moving forward. A new system was designed by a professional engineer and approved by the Health Authority before excavation began. The old system was carefully decommissioned, and the new system was installed. In the end, Lynden Door was well positioned for expansion with a new septic system that met their requirements.

  • All work was completed on time and on budget under the supervision of a Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner (ROWP)
  • After a thorough septic system inspection, a new system was designed by a certified engineer (P.Eng.) and approved by the Health Authority
  • The old system was responsibly decommissioned, and the new system was successfully integrated into the commercial property

The Client: Lynden Door

Lynden Door, founded and based in Lynden, Washington, is one of the leading producers of residential, commercial, and architectural doors in the Western U.S. and Canada since its inception in 1978. The factory in Yarrow was added to the family of companies in 1995 and continues to be a key manufacturing center. The family that owns Lynden Door has deep roots in Yarrow that go back to the 1940s. In recent years, the local factory’s success has pushed them to consider an expansion of its production facilities, which would also include adding workers.

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The Challenge: Septic System Inspection

In due diligence, Lynden Door needed to assess the impact of this development from an operational and environmental perspective, and to determine the viability of an expanded septic system. They were aware that the biggest factor for any upgrades to septic systems in this area would be the high water table, as well as the soil conditions. They were able to consult with the man who originally designed the factory structure, a local retired architect who quickly reminded them of these unique challenges and also recommended the site services of Redline Excavating for a complete septic system inspection. Considering these factors, Lynden Door made the decision to entrust the job to Redline.

The Solution: Expanded System Installed

With the approval of Lynden Door, Redline Excavating visited the site and conducted a proper site and soils evaluation.

It was quickly determined that the excavation would require extensive work well into the water table, which meant that a cofferdam would need to be constructed to complete the job safely.

The cofferdam is a temporary structure that is built into a low-lying body of water that allows the enclosed area to have its water content sufficiently pumped out to create a dry and safe working environment.

Redline also assessed the existing septic system and discovered that the small concrete tank was indeed inadequate and that, due to the ground settling over time, some of the old pipes were compromised.

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As expected, it was determined that the old system would be abandoned and decommissioned in a safe and sensitive manner.

An entirely new system, then, was designed by Redline’s engineer according to the and subsequently approved by the Health Authority before installation commenced. Once the installation of all new materials and equipment was completed, the engineer submitted a Letter of Certification to the Health Authority showing that all work was done correctly and in full compliance with the new standards of the Public Health Act.

The Outcome: Poised for Growth

When Redline Excavating finished their work at Lynden Door, the owners and managers were fully satisfied with the job and one step closer to the possibility of expanding their facility. Ultimately, Lynden Door was confident that the new septic system complied with new health standards and sufficiently prepared them for the growth they envisioned. They were also left feeling like they had been responsible with environmental concerns and had safeguarded the health and safety of the larger community where their factory was located.

For Redline, the job at Lynden Door was a golden opportunity to serve a thriving business in their local community. It was also another chance to deliver a custom solution to a unique problem in an area that demands specialized services.

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