Septic System Design and Installation Case Study

Septic System

This home owner had a single tank septic system on the property. However, the system was older and it was not going to be sufficient to meet anticipated demands following home expansion on the property. The existing system was located and digging begins for the installation of a new septic system.

A new system was installed in a different location on the property taking care to blend sand mound into landscaping and in a suitable area so as not to take away useable land.

Area around the tank is backfilled evenly on all four sides with regular interval compaction to final grade.

The disposal field is prepared by scarifying the soil and mixing with sand before the sand mound is built.

A layer of drain rock is added before the pipes are laid and a squirt test is conducted.

The pipes are then covered with drain rock and a filter cloth before being covered with top soil.

The sanitary line from the house drains into the septic tank. Wastewater from the septic tank drains into the pump chamber and then is pumped to the treatment field.